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The Appian Way (Via Appia Antica)

If you get on the Bus Nr. 118 at the Caracalla Baths, it will take you to this famous road. The bus takes you also to S. Sebastiano catacombs, where you will be getting off. You can first choose to see these, too, if you like and then continue the adventure by walking along the road through the small and charming village and you will automatically be on the historical part. From here you will enjoy an idyllic landscape and see the old gravestones, mausoleums and interesting structures that were placed here over the centuries. Along the way, there are also ruins of an old church on the right hand side and further down, you can also visit an excavation site.

Appian Way 10

The image above shows a sign of the Via Appia Antica located on a wall on the road.




Appian Way 7
A quaint looking home that was seen along the while while walking on the road.


Appian Way 1
Parts of the road is still in its original state. You will even see indentions from the old wagon wheels that once traveled the road.


Appian Way 2
This is an example of one of the tombstones you will see. This one is known as the “tomba di famiglia”. The faces show you who is buried here and indicates the relationship these people had to each other.


Appian Way 8
The Mausoleum or Tomb of Cecilia Matella, who was the daughter-in-law of Crassus can be found here at the Castrum Caetani fort walls, which is located close to the 3rd milestone.


Appian Way 5
Another view of an ancient time. This excavation site can be found along the way. It is called “Capo di Bove”. A sign there says the Ministery of Cultural Affairs acquired the property in 2002 from the owner of the property after having discovered the archaeological significence of the area. You can walk onto the site and look at the progress of the excavation. The site can be found shortly after you pass the the mausoleum or tomb of Cecilia Matella.


Appian Way 9
The scenery is so beautiful and is already worth coming here because of that. If you come on Sunday, there will also be no cars allowed to drive on the road, which is a way to appreciate it here even more. It is fantastic on a warm day. Occasionally a herd of sheep will cross the road, which just adds to the flair and quaintness of the area.


Appian Way 3
The Villa of the Quintilii in the distance. This can be found around the 5th milestone on the Via Appia Antica.


Appian Way 4
This is part of the Casal Rotondo, which is located at the 6th milestone.


Appian Way 6
After the 6th milestone, you will reach an intersection. Just over the intersection “Via di Torricola” you have the possibility to fill your bottles with fresh cold water.






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