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The State of Arizona

Arizona is also known as the “Canyon State” and has not only an abundance of canyons and gorgeous landscapes, but also other popular destinations such as the Route 66 and the Meteor Crater that are also worth seeing if visiting this state.



This state has so much to offer. Click on the destinations to read more information and see larger images of the locations.


Arizona Highlights
These are just a few of the many places and things that make Arizona a popular destination for travellers from around the world.

Antelope Canyons of Arizona
Page, Arizona was the starting point to go see the Antelope Canyon. But you do not have the freedoms you have when visiting other canyons because the Antelope Canyons are in the middle of a Navajo Reservation and it is required to go with a guided tour group there.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
The Grand Canyon is probably the world’s most fascinating natural wonder. The landscape is so overwhelming and each step along the trail brings new impressions.

Horseshoe Bend in Arizona
Visiting the Horseshoe Bend is a remarkable experience. When you park at the designated area and walk towards the site, you cannot imagine that you are so close to this amazing landscape until you actually reach it.

Meteor Crater
It is amazing to see what damage a small meteor can cause. The site is a chance to see how the earth below you is formated. Layers of rock tell the stories of past eras of this landscape.



Route 66
Route 66. To some, just another highway. For others, a flourishing and booming time of America’s history. While in Arizona, it just seemed natural to travel a portion of this road... just to see how it must have felt for those in the past travelling from Chicago to Los Angeles.




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