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Highlights of Arizona

These are just a few of the many places and things that make Arizona a popular destination for travellers from around the world.

Arizona Highlights 1

What a gorgeous landscape in the image above! Arizona definitely has an abundance of natural attractions but there is something about this scene that seems so awe-inspiring. It is impossible to drive by it without stopping, getting out and just enjoying the sight. This picture was taken close to Page.




Arizona Highlights 6
Crossing the Arizona state line.


Arizona Highlights 5
The Grand Canyon is probably the world’s most fascinating natural wonder. The landscape is so overwhelming and each step along the trail brings new impressions. As a visitor, you will experiences a new feeling of dimension. No picture or film can capture that feeling. Standing at the canyons gives you such a humble feeling as you see the magnificent landscape. Read more about the Grand Canyon


Arizona Highlights 7
This was made while driving away from the Grand Canyon back towards Flagstaff. This landscape was a  major contrast to the sights that were seen earlier that day at the South Rim.


Arizona Highlights 9
If you drive from Flagstaff, Arizona in the direction of Page, Arizona, on the Highway 89, you will find a small sign on the right hand side of the road indicating that the Horseshoe Bend was to the left where there was a hill to be seen. It is almost easy to miss the sign but it comes right after the Page city limits sign. Read more about the Horseshoe Bend


Arizona Highlights 8
The vastness of the area is amazing. In the distance, you see a dark crevace in image. That is actually the Horseshoe Bend. You hardly even know you are near it until you are really close to it. Read more about the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.


Arizona Highlights 10
Page, Arizona was the starting point to go see the Upper Antelope Canyon. But you do not have the freedoms you have when visiting other canyons because the Antelope Canyons are in the middle of a Navajo Reservation and it is required to go with a guided tour group there. But the visit to this location is worth the time and money. Read more about the Antelope Canyons


Arizona Highlights 4
If you drive east of Flagstaff on the I-40 for about 35 miles, you will find exit sign for the meteor crater. The entry fee as of July 2008 was $15.00 per adult and it allows you to see the crater and visit the crater museum and gift shop. Read more about the Meteor Crater


Arizona Highlights 3
The Route 66 is well known and famous all tourists from all over the world take holidays to the USA just to see it. It is the nostalgic flair of the road that attracts them as well as the feeling of freedom while travelling across vast landscapes of the country. Read more about the Route 66 in Arizona


Arizona Highlights 2
While driving through the state to visit the Route 66, this souvenir shop was located in a barren location near the road. The signs around it could not be overseen and even if one decides to drive by without stopping, there are more signs afterwards telling you that it is ok to turn around.






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