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The Feeling of Autumn

These are selected imges just say autumn all over. They are highlights of the season, showing typical items of the season and the colors that make the season eye candy for anyone who enjoys nature.

Fall Season 1

In the image above is a whole basket of Indian corn that was seen at a farmer’s market. The corn is so pretty with the warm colors of the season.




Fall Season 9
Pumpkin patches are full of colorful treasures now. It is the time of the year when the farmers are selling their orange beauties and it is hard to choose which one is the special one to take home. Not only are these gourds great for adorning the front porch, but are also delicious when made in a soup or pie. Of course they are also the best indicators that Halloween and Thanksgiving are soon coming.


Fall Season 5
Sunflowers can be picked the late summer and early fall and are perfect flowers to create a bouquet for the home in September.

When the summer sun slowly loses its strength and the nights are getting longer, that means autumn is just around the corner. Even though it is chillier outdoors, the season offers so much warmth. It is the time after a hot summer and before a long cold winter. It is a transitional time full of color which sadly only lasts a short time before the long cold winter arrives.

This sunflower arrangement was seen at a fall garden exibition in Germany.


Fall Season 4
Raking in the fall not only produces piles and piles of leaves. Having a large oak tree as well as a large beech tree, the fall means raking up thousands of acorns and beech nut husks every year as well. We place some of them in a pile for the animals. People here also collect the acorns to bring them to a wildlife park close by where they get fed to the wild boars.

Now squirrels are scurrying and collecting nuts and acorns to hide so that they will have enough to eat throughout the winter. Hedgehogs are slowly finding a winter resting place under a pile of leaves. The deer in the forest are in mating season and if you are lucky enough to live close by, you may even hear the males calling out to protect their domain.


Fall Season 8
A mushroom that was proudly extending out of the ground during fall of last year.

Mushrooms are also sprouting out all over when the fall air becomes cool and moist. The forest ground was recently covered with them. It is interesting to just look at them in their natural settings but there are people who anxiously await for this time of the year to go out collecting them to create delicious mushroom dishes and sauces.


Fall Season 10
There was something meloncholic about this tree while on an evening walk in the month of November that particular year. The shape of it somehow looks spooky and it seemed to be the only one left that was holding onto its leaves.


Fall Season 2
During the autumn season, the landscape is constantly changing. It is lovely to go out for a walk in the afternoon and see what surprises await you. These leaves which were once deep green during the summer changed into a beautiful crimson color and give this fence a warm and charming look to it.


Fall Season 6
It is that wonderful time of the year again when the apples are ripe on the tree and just waiting to be picked to make delicious pies and apple sauce.


Fall Season 3
The low autumn sun at the right time of the day just makes the trees seem even more brilliant in color than they sometimes actually are.


Fall Season 7
This bush is bursting with orange berries just in time for the autumn season.






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