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Autumn Leaves

When the summer sun slowly loses its strength and the nights are getting longer, that means autumn is just around the corner. You just have to love the brilliant and intense hues of reds, yellows and oranges in the trees during the fall months. Especially when the sun shines the colors just seem to glow. Even though it is chillier outdoors, the season offers so much warmth. It is the time after a hot summer and before a long cold winter. It is a transitional time full of color which sadly only lasts a short time before the long cold winter arrives. More images will be added on a regular basis.

Autumn Leaves 1

The image above shows that magical moment when the leaves on the trees are changing but not yet falling off. The glow of the sun just adds to the warmth of the colors. That is the beauty of fall.




Autumn Leaves 2
This fall image was taken in the month of October in the town of Eutin in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The way the red leaves cover the wall next to the doorway gives this entrance a welcoming look to it.


Autumn Leaves 10
There is nothing more beautiful than the changing trees in the fall when the sun is shining through them.


Autumn Leaves 4
After all of the leaves have turned to glorious colors during the autumn months, the day sadly comes when they fall to the ground. Even in a pile, they can actually be quite pretty if you take the time to enjoy the different hues and shapes of them. No two leaves are alike.


Autumn Leaves 3
Lübeck, a city in the north of Germany is located on the Trave River. Along the river are many walking trails where you can find magnificent trees such as this one. During the fall months, it proudly exibits all of its colorful beauty before letting go of the leaves for a long winter’s rest.


Autumn Leaves 6
Even leaves that have fallen to the ground are pretty, especially when the sunlight glows from behind them.


Autumn Leaves 9
If in Germany during October you will hear of the people wishing for a “golden October”. That means they long for a period of warm sunny days in October. This occurs almost every year and a slight feeling of summer is once again in the air, if just for a few days. At the same time, the trees are glowing in typical autumn colors and it is the most beautiful time to go out and enjoy the colors of the season as long as you can.


Autumn Leaves 5
Late September the leaves start to change in this area from green to a gorgeous crimson red. This tree is interesting as half of the leaves are still green and the other half are already in transition for the new season.


Autumn Leaves 7
A walk through nature in the fall months is so relaxing and can free your mind from any bad thoughts. The colors of the trees have a warm and soothing effect about them.


Autumn Leaves 8
It is a special moment when the leaves are glowing in the evening sunset of the forest.






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