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Local Garden Birds

Photographing birds can be challenging but with time and patience, you can get really lucky. Common birds in this area include crows, blackbirds, sparrows, redstarts, chaffinches, greenfinches, blue tits, great tits, robins and the starlings. Every now and then more exotic birds stop by like woodpeckers and jays.

Where once fields and trees were in this town, are now buildings and paved areas. The birds have less areas to find food as well as places to nest. We feed the birds during other seasons of the year as well and have several bowls of fresh water for them to bathe and drink. The birds seem to really like our yard and visit regularly. We keep it natural and pesticide free.

During the winter when the ground is frozen and especially when the snow is heavy, feeding birds is recommended to support those who do not migrate to the south. Having a variety of bird food and fresh apples attract all sorts of birds to the yard. And also very important... birds need fresh water daily also during winter.

These are images of birds that frequent our area, yard and bird feeders throughout the year.

Garden Birds 1

Have you ever listened to a starling? These birds are simply amazing like the one in the image above. Not only do they fly in amazing formations, but they are perfect imitators. Depending on where they they were raised, they imitate sounds from their environment. If you hear an owl or a kuck-kuck bird, then look again. It could be the starling instead. Their feathers are also so pretty to look at. They shimmer in shades of blue, green and purple.




Garden Birds 3
This was a beautiful Common Redstart female to watch at the birdhouse as she constantly collected grub for her young. Her story ended sad, though.


Garden Birds 8
This image taken through the window of a bullfinch and a sparrow on the feeding house. "I told you, I am not your mother!"


Garden Birds 5
The Nuthatch is ready for take-off at Gate 11.

The nuthatch is quite an acrobatic little bird and has been often seen here crawling up and down trees, fences and birdhouses. He visits the feeding house regularly to collect sunflower seeds that we put out for the birds. This one has enjoyed his share and is in position to fly away.


Garden Birds 4
This sparrow was happily chirping about the new day.


Garden Birds 7
Winter can be long and icy in this area and there are plenty of birds that do not hibernate to the south. To help them survive, we put out fat balls (sometimes store bought, sometimes self-made). The birds enjoy this boost of energy during the cold months as it is so hard for them to find food otherwise. For us, it is enjoyable to watch these cute little guys and even get good photographs of them as well.


Garden Birds 10
Nothing like spreading out the feathers in the warm sun! It was a summer day and the crow decided to just relax in the yard. That is the good life.


Garden Birds 9
The Eurasian Jays are common for this area of Germany and they used to be seen frequenting the garden. But in the first half of 2014, this was the only sighting of one. Hopefully their population is not diminishing.


Garden Birds 2
This beautiful Green Finch has been adding song and color to the garden lately. He is always a welcomed guest.

This gorgeous bird now looks to find goodies at the bird feeding house. He uses the fence as a landing base before then flying into or onto the house.

Otherwise, he often sits in the oak tree above and sings a lovely song to cheer the day.


Garden Birds 6
While out walking the dog, this Common Linnet female would have probably gone unnoticed except that she started to sing a lovely song which attracted our attention. Supposingly the bird is common for this area, but this is our first sighting of one here.






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