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The Island of Capri, Italy

Already when you are in Naples, Italy and look across the bay, you can see the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. There are ferry ships that take you from the harbor of Naples to these destinations. A journey to Capri costed for a one way ticket approximately 20 Euros, but that depends on which company you use. The trip takes around an hour each way. There are several ships that you can choose from but these are not in a central area at the harbor. They seemed scattered and it was difficult to find all of them. We ended up using the company “Caremar” to go to Capri and the company “SNAV” to return. We bought only a one way ticket from Naples to Capri, as we were not sure how long we would be staying that day and did not want to restrict ourselves to a certain time. On Capri you can purchase your return tickets when you are ready to leave and these are sold at a central place. Which means all the ticket booths are in a central location and you can compare the departure times and choose what is best for you.

Capri 1

This is a view of Capri from the dock across the bay.




Capri 2
Once you are on the island, you can walk around the harbor, browse through the shops or get a bite to eat at a restaurant while there. There is also a rocky beach if you have your swim wear with you. The main town area is not here, but up the hill. There is a steep path with a lot of steps in between you can walk which takes about 10-15 minutes or there are shuttle busses that take you there and all over the island, as well.


Capri 6
It was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Many were out in their boats jetting across the water.


Capri 3
At several locations, there were succulents with painted tips to be seen. Was unusual, but colorful.


Capri 4
This image was made at a halfway point while walking up the hill to town. Once you cross this street you continue the path next to the white gate.


Capri 5
The views of the walk are rewarding. The narrow path takes you by quaint homes and many flower bushes hang over the walk way. It looks very romantic at times.


Capri 7
Once you reach the top, you have a most beautiful view of the island and over the bay of Naples.


Capri 8
Lots of quaint looking homes are built along the mountain side.


Capri 9
Lemon is one of the specialties of the island. A freshly pressed lemon juice with water is great to quench the thirst and there is also a lemon licquor that you can buy that is quite tasty as well. We saw some lemons that looked to be 3 times the size of oranges.


Capri 10
This is a remarkable view over the island across from the Carthusia perfume store.






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