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The Roman Amphitheater at Santa Maria Capua Vetere

This is the second largest amphitheater after the Colosseum in Rome and is located at the site of the ancient city Capua known now as Santa Maria Capua Vetere which is not to be confused with the modern city of Capua close by. For a small fee of 2.50 Euros you can walk all around and underneath the amphitheater. It is a really impressive to see and to get the feeling for how it looks underneath an amphitheater, as well. A small gladiator museum with artifacts can also be visited while there and costs nothing extra.

When we visited the location on a Thursday afternoon of June 2017, there were only a few other tourists at the site. There is a free parking area within a 5 minute walk on what would be considered the backside of the amphitheater. When you arrive you pay at the restaurant there and go through.

Capua Amphitheater 1

The image above shows the front entrance of the amphitheater.




Capua Amphitheater 9
This is one of a few carvings that could be found on the entrance side of the amphitheater.


Capua Amphitheater 3
Looking over the center of the amphitheater.


Capua Amphitheater 4
This passageway is on the ground level and you can walk all around it.


Capua Amphitheater 5
This is on the side of the amphitheater. It is a large area that can also be walked around. When looking at the remains, one can only imagine how it must have looked when it was still being used.


Capua Amphitheater 6
It is very fascinating to walk underneath the amphitheater. It was not as dark as would be expected...


Capua Amphitheater 7
... and the temperature was comfortable and cool considering that it was about 30° Celcius outside.


Capua Amphitheater 8
Broken pieces of former columns and sculptures were being stored in several locations.


Capua Amphitheater 2
The whole site can be explored and there were no large crowds, either.


Capua Amphitheater 10
A view to the modern world from the inside.






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