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Christmas in Europe

Each European city that celebrates Christmas has its own tradition. London, for example, is amazing to see during the holidays. It is a bustling city with many tourists and its streets are festively illuminated.



The small towns in Denmark, on the other hand, are more quaintly decorated in the colors of red and white, and the mood seems more of a quiet one. And anyone who has ever been to Germany knows about the wonderful abundance of Christmas markets there. A short visit was also made to Oslo to discover the Christmas markets there.


Christmas in London, England
London rocks at Christmas. The street lighting is always impressive and Carnaby Street is a highlight each year with a new theme for the holidays.

Christmas in Tönder, Denmark
Christmas seems to be at home here. It is not a big town but is instead quaint and charming.

Christmas in Aabenraa, Denmark
It is especially romantic to take a stroll down the main shopping street in the evening hours. Garlands of evergreen and white lights decorate the street and trees are festively twinkling. The center of town is not large so you will see everything within a short time.

Christmas in Oslo, Norway
It is not as big as many of the well known Christmas markets in Germany. But visiting the markets are a quaint and a pleasant way to spend a few hours time while in Oslo.

Christmas Markets  in Germany
Germany is the place to be at Christmas time!





Christmas in Europe



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