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Christmas Markets in Germany

Germany is the place to be at Christmas time! During December, most of the major cities have Christmas markets that are open throughout the whole month. Around the end of November in Germany and close to the 1st Advent Sunday, the first Christmas markets start for the holiday season. These markets, for example in Lübeck, Kiel, Lüneburg, Dredsen or Hamburg are open every day until Christmas and some even until the end of December. Christmas music fills the air, the aroma of mulled wine appeals to the senses and warms spirits on cold winter days and you can find one of a kind gifts for all of your friends and family. These are a must to see when in the country.

The small town markets can be even more charming than the major markets because they are not so commercialized as the larger ones. Often local residents craft handmade items for these markets which make them even more lovely to see. But many of these are only one-weekend markets so it is important to check local calendars to see when the towns in nearby areas are opening their markets.



Here are images of how festive towns and cities of Germany look during the holidays. These markets are located in the States of Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Saxony and the City of Hamburg, Germany.


Dresden Christmas Markets
Dresden is an extra treat for the eyes and scenses between the end of November and until Christmas. Then the city is festively decorated and several Christmas markets can be found throughout the city.

Dresden Striezelmarkt
The main Christmas market of Dresden is called the “Striezelmarkt” and the year 2016 was the 582th time that this market took place. It is found at the “Altmarkt” (old market) of the city.

Eutin Castle Christmas Market
This Christmas market is a real treat. It gives you a chance to see the inside of the Eutin castle in a different light and enjoy a historical atmosphere while browsing at the stalls and tables offering handcrafted items for the holiday and for the home and garden.

Hamburg Christmas Market
The Rathaus (the city hall building overlooking the market square) itself is majestic in its own way and serves as a gorgeous background for this market.

Lübeck Christmas Market
The medieval setting of the market square with the most impressive city hall in the background adds a more dramatic feeling to the market.



Lüneburg Christmas Market
The main market is located at the market square lights up with a delightful Christmas feeling. Overlooking the market is the grandiose city hall which adds so much flair to it.

Pronstorf Christmas Market
The estate at Pronstorf has about 100 stalls for the visitors to enjoy as well as several programs for the kids as well.

Rostock Christmas Market
The largest Christmas market in the north of Germany. The location between historic buildings and the city hall give the market so much charm and beauty and the pyramid gracefully overlooks the market from the background.

Schleswig-Holstein Christmas Markets
Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost state of Germany and each town and city holds an annual Christmas market. The smaller towns usually last a weekend but are also worth seeing because of their country charm. The larger city markets last throughout the whole month of December, usually starting around the first Advent and ending either just before Christmas or until the first of January.

Traventhal Christmas Market
Here you can find culinary specialties, handcrafted goods, farm animals for the kids to pet and you can also buy freshly cut evergreen greenery to make your own Christmas wreaths and garlands.





Christmas Markets in Germany

German Christmas Markets




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