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Christmas in Oslo, Norway

Living in Germany close to the Baltic Sea has its advantages if you would like to take a small trip to Norway to the Christmas market in Oslo. There are ships that travel daily to the Scandinavian countries and the one to Norway departs daily from Kiel. In just a 20 hour overnight trip, you arrive in Oslo at 10 a.m. and can make a visit to the Christmas market(s) there. From the ship it is about a 20 minute walk to the main market. It is not as big as many of the well known Christmas markets in Germany. But it is a quaint and pleasant way to spend a few hours time while in Oslo.

Oslo Christmas Market 8

The image above shows the entrance to the main market “Jul Vinterland”.




Oslo Christmas Market 1
This are directional signs found near the entrance. You can even head to the North Pole from here. LOL


Oslo Christmas Market 9
There was a lot of shoppers visiting this particular market on this day. To the right there is a large ferris wheel (not seen in this image) that was being frequented by many groups of Kindergarten aged childrend and their supervisors.


Oslo Christmas Market 2
Several of the stalls have traditional looking Norwegian Christmas decorations that you can purchase.


Oslo Christmas Market 3
Just like in Germany, here is a wooden pyramid. Normally you can buy drinks there and especially mulled wine to warm up on the cold day.  A carousell was also there to entertain the kids.


Oslo Christmas Market 7
These large gingerbread like cookies are fun souvenirs to take home with you. Though hard, they are actually quite tasty. Each has some saying or phrase on it which looks interesting in a foreign language.


Oslo Christmas Market 6
Pigeons were quite hungry and eating the decorations all over the market. It was amusing to see.


Oslo Christmas Market 5
Once finished with the Christmas market, the walk takes you through the pedestrian zone of the city where there are many stores to do some Christmas shopping at. These are typical chain stores that are seen in many European cities but the walk is nice anyway. The streets are decorated in a festive way and it is also fun looking into the store windows. There happened to be a second Christmas market along the way.


Oslo Christmas Market 4
It was not as frequented as the previous market nor was it as charming.


Oslo Christmas Market 10
This statue with the friendly looking Wenche Foss (a Norwegian actress who passed away in 2011) was seen on the walk back to the ship. The ferris wheel in the background is the one found at the Christmas market.






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