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Dreamy Winter

In our particular region, winter can start as early as the end of October and last through April.

Winter 1

The image above shows that beautiful moments like this come unexpectably. While driving home from a Christmas market in Kiel, fog was settling on the winter landscape. Simultaneously, the sun was setting which added a magnificent romantic hue to the whole scenery.




Winter 8
This branch was sparkling with frozen snow on this particular evening. The setting of the sun created beautiful shades of color over the snowy landscape.


Winter 3
This Jack Russel Terrier just loves it when the ground is covered with a snow (as long as it is not a wet sloppy snow) and he bounces with joy through the fields of white. He is a fun companion when taking walks through the winter landscape.


Winter 10
Overnight it snowed. What a surprise the next day to wake up and look out of the window and see a landscape of winter.


Winter 7
Since we put food out for the birds during the winter, our reward is being able to observe them uring the winter our yard all through the winter. This European Great Tit is one of the most common birds we see. They can be heard with their familiar song and because we can hear them peck at the sunflower seeds in the birdhouse until the shells open.


Winter 2
Even dried out plants from summer look beautiful when covered by snow crystals and sparkling in the sunlight.


Winter 5
There is something so naturally pretty about these frozen leaves. Each was sprinkled with mini ice crystals which gave them the appearance of powdered sugar.


Winter 6
Icicles hanging from the roof sparkled in the evening winter sunset.


Winter 10
Overnight one winter it was foggy and cold and every tree froze over. It was a beautiful sight to see the white topped trees against the clear blue sky the next morning. It looked like someone had shaken a box of powdered sugar on all of them.


Winter 9
On a sunny but cold winter’s day the snow on the tree branches have no chance to melt and look gorgeous against the winter landscape.






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