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All text and photos found on this website are our own. Please be fair and give credit where credit is due.


Germany has 16 states and every individual one has its own unique charm. Each state is almost like a country within itself with its own distinctive landscape, architecture, dialect and customs. More images will be added regularily to this gallery.


Each of these Germany images below can be found on this website in different categories.

The City of Lübeck, Germany

Die Lange Anna on the Island of Heligoland, Germany

Christmas in the Town of Husum, Germany 75

Lüneburg - Quaint Home

Lübeck Germany - Near the Dom Church

Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea

Lüneburg - St. Johannis Church

Christmas Market in Hamburg, Germany

Lübeck Germany - Burgtor - Old City Gate

The Wadden Sea of the North Sea of Germany

Lübeck Christmas Market 2013 Evening

Christmas at Husum, Germany

Lübeck Germany - Dom Church

Lüneburg - View of the St. Johannis and St. Nikolei Churches

Lübeck Germany - Niederegger Arkadencafe

Lüneburg - View From the Water Tower over Am Sande

The Glücksburg Castle Near Schleswig, Germany

Entrance to the Christmas Market in Kiel

Christmas Market in Pronstorf, Germany 1

Lüneburg, Germany - Christmas Market at the Sankt Johannis Church 2

Christmas Market in Kiel

Christmas Market at the Eutin Castle

Christmas Market at Dobersdorf

Friedrichsstadt, Germany

October on the Trave River in Lübeck, Germany

Canola Field Near Bad Segeberg, Germany

Kiel Week Sailing Festival

Lüneburg - City Hall Building

Lüneburg - Crooked Building

Lüneburg - Rats Apotheke Clock

Lübeck Germany - Impressive Balcony

Lübeck Germany - Niederegger Marzipan

Lüneburg - Fachwerkhaus

Lüneburg - Building With Wooden Heads

Lübeck Germany - Holsten Gate

Christmas Market in Flensburg, Germany

Glücksburg Grave Marker

Christmas Market at Stockseehof, Germany

Lüneburg - Johanna Stegen Denkmal

Lüneburg - Architecture and Flowers

Lüneburg - The City Seal

Lüneburg - Am Sande

Lübeck Germany - Inside the St. Marienkirche - St. Marien Church

Christmas in Lübeck

Lüneburg - The Old Pharmacy

Lübeck Christmas Market 2013

Lüneburg - Walking Through the City

Lüneburg, Germany - Wooden Pyramid at the Christmas Market by Night

Dänisch Nienhof, Germany

Lüneburg, Germany - The City Hall at Christmas 2

Lübeck Germany - City Hall

Lüneburg - Water Tower

Lüneburg, Germany - Wooden Pyramid at the Christmas Market

Lüneburg, Germany - Christmas Market at the City Hall

Heligenhafen, Germany

Lüneburg, Germany - Christmas Market at the Sankt Johannis Church

Lübeck Germany - Lübeck and the Trave River

Entrance at the Hamburg Christmas Market at the City Hall

Lit Trees All Along the Trave River in Lübeck

Christmas Market in Lübeck, Germany

Christmas Market at the Eutin Castle

Christmas Tree at the Rathaus in Neumünster





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