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Germany has 16 states and each individual one has its own unique charm. Each state is almost like a country within itself with its own distinctive landscape, architecture, dialect and customs.



Here you will find images and information about different cities, states, landscapes, castles, historical sites and celebrations in Germany.


Dresden is the capitol of the Free State of Saxony, has a population of over 500,000, is located on the Elbe River and is really one of Germany’s most beautiful cities.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains
The Elbe Sandstone Mountains is a a mountain raunge and is a national park located on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic.

Eutin (pronounced like “Oi teen”) is located in the county of Ost-Holstein which is in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. It is a charming and historical town to walk through and has some attractions that are worth visiting while there.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, is Germany’s largest sea harbour and is located on the Elbe River. The city has a charming maritime flair and attracts tourists from all over the world.



Lübeck is located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. It is located on a penisula on the Lübeck Bay of the Baltic Sea. It’s location made it an extremely important harbour for trade and commerce.

Lüneburg is located in the state of Lower Saxony in Germany and is a gem of a city to visit.

The Elberadweg actually begins in the Chech Republic and ends in Germany in Cuxhaven at the Elbe River mouth in to the North Sea. The trail has a total distance of about 1220 kilometers and is a popular walking and biking trail.

Schwerin Castle
The city of Schwerin is the capitol of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is located on the Schwerin Lake, which is the 4th largest lake of Germany with 61 km².



Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost state of Germany and is nicknamed “The Land Between the Seas” because of its location between the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Christmas Markets  in Germany
Germany is the place to be at Christmas time!

Doorways in North Germany
When visiting many cities and towns of the northern states of Germany such as Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you will find many homes and buildings with beautiful doorways that add so much charm and personality to them.

Hohenzollern Castle
The Hohenzollern castle can be found near Hechingen in the state of Baden-Württemburg. It is the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal House and the Hohenzollern princes. This beautiful castle about an hour’s drive from Stuttgart and is worth the trip if you decide to go there.




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