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Great Britain (Currently Only London, England)

Remarkable historical tales and literature of this fascinating area have been passed down through the centuries and when you visit Great Britain, it is obvious that much effort is placed in keeping the history alive.



The images below are from the city of London and soon of the Hampton Court Palace but as more travelling is done, new images will be added to this category.


Walking through London was like walking through history. Although the core of the city has a modern look to it, it is surrounded by historical sights and highlights. It seems that with every new corner or street, there was some historical building, fountain or statue to be seen.

Christmas in London
London is amazing to see during the holidays. It is a bustling city with many tourists and its streets are festively illuminated.

My Dream Coach
Kids under between the ages of 3 and 10 were given the chance to design their own dream coach. Here you can see how imaginative kids can be.



Great Britain



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