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The Lake Mead and Hoover Dam in Nevada

Lake Mead Recreational Area and the Hoover Dam are a short driving distance from Las Vegas and a trip worth taking if you would like to get away from the city for a day. If driving from Las Vegas you will arrive at the recreational area and have a couple of options to take. If you are interested in seeing the dam, continue along the road and you will automatically arrive at it.

Lake Mead Nevada 1

Some of the sights almost do not seem of this world such as the scene in the image above. Roadside parking areas make it easy to stop, get out and absorb the beauty of this area.




Lake Mead Nevada 5
The Hoover Dam is located on the border of Arizona and Nevada and spans Black Canyon to use the force of the Colorado River to supply hydroelectric power to areas of Nevada, Arizona and California. Interesting enough this is also a time zone border meaning one side of the east side of the dam (Arizona) is in the Mountain Time Zone and the west side (Nevada side) the Pacific Time Zone. There are clocks to inform you which time zone you are located at if in doubt.


Lake Mead Nevada 4
The dam is indeed a monumental construction between the Colorado River and Lake Mead. Tourists can walk along the top of the dam and enjoy the view on both sides.


Lake Mead Nevada 2
This looks like a refreshing activity. A warm and sunny day, clear blue water and a gorgeous landscape all around to go speed boating at the Hoover Dam.


Lake Mead Nevada 10
From Hoover Dam you can drive back in the direction of Las Vegas and then turn to drive along the Lakeshore Drive towards the Northshore Road. Follow the road in the direction of Echo Bay through the Lake Mead Recreational Area.


Lake Mead Nevada 7
After paying an entrance fee of $5.00 for the day (as of 2008) to this national recreational area, you will follow a road that takes you alongside the lake.


Lake Mead Nevada 3
This journey takes you through a gorgeous landscape through the Mojave Desert with views of fascinating rock formations and breathtaking vistas of the lake.


Lake Mead Nevada 8
Especially on hot summer days, the water invites tourists to cool down. There are a few designated areas of Lake Mead where visitors can drive to, relax and enjoy the scenery of the water and mountains.


Lake Mead Nevada 9
There are several stops where you can park, get out and make photos of the landscape. This image is made at the Rocky Point Overview area.


Lake Mead Nevada 6
If you continue along the Northshore Road scenic drive by Lake Mead Recreational Area, you will eventually be heading out and see signs towards the Valley of Fire National Park.

If time allows, follow the Valley of Fire Highway and drive through the park. It is a most remarkable area of Nevada landscape and stunning rock formations. See Valley of Fire State Park






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