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Maritime and Ocean Life Gallery

There is nothing like going to the ocean and hearing the sound of the waves splashing along the shore, feeling the fresh breeze of the sea blow on you skin and smelling the salt in the air.



These are images of various typical things seen at beaches found in different locations. The majority of these images were taken at several locations either at the Baltic Sea on the northern coast of Germany, on the Island of Mallorca or in the United States in Florida or California. This is a gallery depicting the beauty, charm and feeling of life at sea.


Sea Breeze
It is a wonderful feeling spending time at a ocean. It is so meditative to just walk barefooted down the sandy beach and a treat for the senses. Feel the wind blowing sand through your hair, hear the loud sound of the water crashing against the coast line, smell the salt of the ocean in your nose and witness how the sun dissapates into the ocean at dusk.






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