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Mount Vesuvius

When you visit this famous volcano, expect a breathtaking view over Naples,  Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Tyrrhennian Sea, Capri, Ischia, Procida and  the vast landscape of Campania. The area around it is a national park and a highly frequented attraction by tourists.

It is a curvy incline when you drive your car up the mountain. There is a  parking area about 2 1/2 kilometers below the vista point. To park there costs 5 Euros (as of June 2017). From there you can either take a shuttle bus for another 10 Euros or you can walk to the main entrance. The walk is along the road that the shuttle busses use and it not too  steep of an incline. If you have a healthy fitness level, it is an easy walk, plus you can enjoy the landscape all around you, as well.

Once you get to the main entrance, you have to pay an entrance fee of 10 Euros per adult. There are reduced rates for certain persons as well. Then you will continue up a gravel road that is more steep but not difficult to hike. On the particular day we were there, it was also very windy. In fact so windy, they did not let us enter the park until an ok was given that it was safe, as the gusts were quite high. Bring a sweater or light jacket because it is also cooler as you reach the top,  even in the summer. There are no restroom facilities either on the  mountain.

Mount Vesuvius 1

The image above was made while walking along the paved road from the lower parking area.




Mount Vesuvius 2
Once you pass the entrance, the view becomes more incredible with every new bend. The walk takes about 20-30 minutes from there.


Mount Vesuvius 3
Here one can see how steep the gravel trail is. It does not really get any steeper than this and is not hard to hike. Even children were walking up the pathway.


Mount Vesuvius 4
Beautiful flora can be seen along the way.


Mount Vesuvius 5
This is looking behind you when you hike up the Mount Vesuvius. It is also an incredible view.


Mount Vesuvius 7
Finally at the top of the volcano. From the rim you can look down into the core.


Mount Vesuvius 6
This is detail of the volcanic rock.


Mount Vesuvius 8
Naples looks so beautiful from above.


Mount Vesuvius 9
Once you reach the rim, you can continue walking along the trail around it. When you stand at this point, see if you can find the city of Pompeii.


Mount Vesuvius 10
A view of the rim from the other side.






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