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There are many varieties of mushrooms and this gallery will show just a few that grow in the forest areas of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The climate in the area is cool and moist, due to its location between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Summers can get hot but that is not always the case. Mushrooms thrive in this area almost all seasons of the year, but the most can be found during the fall months.

Mushrooms are sometimes hard to classify so it is possible if one or more of the names is not correct.

Mushroom 1

The mushrooms in the image above seem to be ”Trametes Gibbosa” or Lumpy Brackets but that could be wrong. Sometimes it is not easy seeing the differences between the different mushroom types. When looking for mushrooms to eat, it is so important to know which ones are poisonous and which ones are edible.




Mushroom 3
It is a warm and humid day in the middle of September and the forest floor was covered with so many different kinds of mushrooms. These Fly Agaric Toadstools “Amanita Muscaria” with their bright red tops could not be overseen.


Mushroom 6
If you are looking for mushrooms, one of the best locations to find them is on the forest floor on a cool day during the fall. Especially after it rains, they just seem to pop up all over through the dried fallen leaves. There is a somewhat musty smell in the air as well that seems to go along with it. This is an example of a “Boletus Edulis”.


Mushroom 7
The forest floor is covered with mushrooms in this area. It is always fun to go on walks and discover new ones popping up from under the leaves during the fall months. This “Coprinus Comatus” is an interesting looking mushroom with its long shape and raw structure.


Mushroom 4
A black slug enjoying a delicatessen for his evening meal.


Mushroom 8
This “Coprinus Comatus” mushroom was spotted on next to a walking trail and somehow resembles a long haired hippy with the bangs hanging in the face.


Mushroom 10
A “Lactarius Volemus” mushroom that was proudly extending out of the ground and pushing through the moss during fall of last year.


Mushroom 2
These purple mushrooms “Laccaria Amethystina” were obvious to see amongst the brown fallen leaves in the forest.


Mushroom 5
A good moist underground such as the cut area of this tree stump offers the mushrooms just what they need to grow.


Mushroom 9
When the weather is damp in the fall, mushrooms appear all over. This is an image of a cluster of “Kuehneromyces Mutabilis” mushrooms that were growing on the side of a tree in the forest. You will usually find this type of mushrooms thriving on trees.






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