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The City of Naples in Italy

When visiting the Campania region of Italy, consider going to the city of Naples and spend a day there. We parked our car at one of the metro station parking areas on the outskirts of the city and then paid 3.50 Euros (as of June 2017) each for a day ticket for the metro system. This is the most comfortable way and relaxing way to discover Naples. We got off at the station of Vinvitelli to head towards the Castell San’elmo. There are signs and it is about a 5-10 minute walk uphill to it.

Naples Italy 2

This is a fantastic view towards Mt. Vesuvius and the port of Naples as seen from Castell San’elmo.




Naples Italy 1
The entrance for Castell San’elmo costed 5 Euros each (as of June 2017) and the view you will then have over the city is one of 360° degrees. It is totally amazing to see Naples, the area around Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from this point. The fort itself is also amazing and a museum if you are interesting to go inside but for this one visit, we only wanted to see the view over the city.


Naples Italy 3
Looking the other direction you also have a beautiful panaroma over the beach and city.


Naples Italy 4
After enjoying the breathtaking view over the city we walked back to the metro system, got on the subway and then got off at Dante station. This stop is a good starting point to get to see the city’s piazzas and sights. You already are at the Piazza Dante when you get there. There is a huge monumental building at this piazza and to the left of it is Port’Alba. Go through this tunnel and you will find the Via dei Tribunali which is a long street to walk down and get a feel of the city. We walked a while until we reached a large intersection and then turned right and walked then down Via San Biagio dei Librai which heads back towards Dante Piazza. Afterwards we crossed the Via Toledo across from Dante Piazza and explored the area behind it. Naples is lively, loud and really amazing.


Naples Italy 5
It was fun walking through the city and seeing all of the quaint and rustical shops seeling various local goods.


Naples Italy 7
This grocery store was seeling everything from pasta, mozzarella, wine and other local products.


Naples Italy 8
There are several fish market stands along the way.


Naples Italy 6
The alleyways are tight, colorful and sometimes dark (actually good during hot summer days) and just as fascinating to look at as well. Small shops and pharmacies can also be found on a few of these side streets, as well.


Naples Italy 9
A lot of clothes lines hang from the balconies to dry clothes and vestas are parked just about everywhere. Sometimes it seemed a little dingy but at the same time it did not seem to matter.


Naples Italy 10
Make sure to look in all directions, including up. The architecture of some buildings was just as nice to look at. Quaint shutters and small balconies gave this facade a charming appearance.

We only walked along the city streets but there are so many other sights to see. You can visit the archelogical museum which holds Roman artifacts from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabei, there is a way to see the underneath the city at Napoli Sotterranea, or visit one or more of the many churches within the city.

Get off at metro station Municipio to reach the city harbor.






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