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Newark Liberty International Airport and Using the Air Train (As of Summer 2006)

Air Train 1
1. Using the Air Train from Terminal to Terminal
The Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey has an excellent ground transportation system for travellers either staying in Newark hotels and wishing to visit New York City or for travellers who need to reach other terminals. This Air Train connects all of the terminals to each other, to the parking lots and to the Rail Link Station. Using it within the airport is free and very practical. Friendly airport employees are available at each station if you have any questions about where to go or what to do. This is how the Air Train looks.



Air Train 2
After arriving in one of the 3 terminals A, B or C (depending on where your flight is coming from) you will follow the signs in the airport to the Air Train Station. Below is an example of how the Station P4 looks and each Air Train station looks like this one. On both sides of the station (depending on which direction you are travelling) the trains arrive at 4 minute intervals.

Air Train 3
2. How and Where to Find the Shuttle Busses to the Hotels
Each station has directions to lead you to where you want to go or you may ask the employees. The shuttle busses are at Station P4. From there you will go downstairs to the outside area to your left. Here you will wait for the shuttle bus that will take you to your hotel.

Air Train 4
Each of the hotels in the Newark airport area (also other Newark Hotels if the hotel offers this service) sends small busses or vans at regular intervals day and night (about 2-3 times an hour) to pick up travellers and bring them to and from their hotels. This is the waiting area outdoors and can be found downstairs from the P4 Air Train station.

Air Train 5
Each van or bus is clearly marked to which hotel it belongs to. The service is free. Some of the hotels offering this service are the Hilton, Marriot, Sheraton, Howard Johnson, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn, Hampton Inn, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, and other many area hotels. When reserving a room, see if your hotel has this service. The drivers usually help those with luggage. As a guest of the airport hotels, you may use these shuttles as you need to go to and from your hotel to the airport to connect to your bus or train to NYC or elsewhere.



Air Train 6
3. Where to Pick up Rental Cars at the Newark Liberty International Airport
Each air train has an informative map of all the air train stations. You can find out which terminal your airline uses and the parking lots around the airport.

Air Train 7
Also the maps indicate the rental car stations (for example use P3 for National Car Rental to rent this Chevrolet Trailblazer below). At P3 you will also find the rental stations for Avis and Hertz. Get off at Station P4 if you are using Budget or Dollar car rentals. A shuttle bus from P4 will take those to the off-aiport Enterprise car rental station.



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