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How to go from the Newark Liberty International Airport to New York City, Penn Station Using the New Jersey Transit Train (As of Summer 2006)

Newark to NYC 1
Take the Air Train to the Rail Link Station. It is one station past P4 and costs nothing to use. The shuttles arrive above the station and the train tracks are below as seen in the picture below. On the right side of the picture you can see an AirTrain arriving. Once arriving with the Air Train, you will need to buy your tickets at the New Jersey Transit ticket machine. Then you will go downstairs and outdoors to the track on the right. If in doubt which track you will be using, ask one of the employees. From the Rail Link Station, you will get on a New Jersey Transit train which will take you to New York City, Penn Station. Penn Station is located close to Madison Square Garden, to Macy’s Store and also to the Empire State Building. The picture below shows how the Rail Link station looks on the outside. The trains run about 2-4 times an hour.



Newark to NYC 2
This is the ticket machine. The cost to New York City, Penn Station is $15.00 per adult (as of 07/2007). The ticket is good for one way.


Newark to NYC 3
You will select your destination (Penn Station in New York City is code 000 (as of 07/2007). All other destinations are also shown if you plan to travel somewhere else. The screen shows you the cost of each ticket and you will then select how many tickets you wish to purchase. You can pay with cash or card.


Newark to NYC 4
This is how the trains look on the inside. Conductors come by and collect your tickets so do not lose them. During the week the trains have plenty of empty seating spaces but the train is quite full on the weekend.

The trip takes about 30 minutes to New York City, is about a 25 mile distance and is partially underground in a tunnel. It stops also at Penn Station, New Jersey and sometimes 1 or 2 more stops along the way. You will arrive at Penn Station, New York City which is also the last station of the trip. Madison Square Garden is just above the station. Subway / PATH stations are close by if you intend to see other parts of New York City.



Newark to NYC 5
After a fun day in the city you will be needing to head back to Jersey to your hotel. To go back to Newark Liberty International Airport, you will need to buy tickets at either the New Jersey Transit ticket counter at the Penn Station or at one of the machines. 10 minutes before the train departures to New Jersey, the track number will be displayed on one of the many screens at the station. Often the train is the one heading for Trenton, but all trains with the abbreviation “EWR” next to the destination, head for the airport. The trains run about 3 or 4 times an hour and from experience, usually in the first half. Going back, the conductors check the tickets but do not collect them. You will need them to exit the Rail Link Station to the Air Train Station. Then you will get on the Air Train and proceed to P4 where you will catch your shuttle bus to your hotel.



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