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Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica was once a thriving harbor of Rome and after it was slowly deserted due to different circumstances, it was actually forgotten for centuries. The advantage is that it was not rebuilt on nor was looted, so you can enjoy the city in its true form. Its location at the mouth of Tiber and on the Mediterranean Sea in the ancient times made it a popular military and later commercial port. The location of the Tiber in those times was closer to the city than it is today. Since the city has been excavated, tourists can now walk through it and get a feeling how it was centuries ago. The entrance as of June 2016 cost 8 Euros for an adult entrance. The and a reduced ticket price was 4 Euros. At this particular month, the city was open from 8:30-18:15, but you could remain on the premise until 19:15. On Mondays it is closed.

Ostia Antica 2

The image above shows a view of the city near the half theater. Prepare to spend the whole day here and enjoy this ancient treasure as there is so much to see.




Ostia Antica 1
Overhead view of living quarters. You can walk all through them and admire how they are built and imagine how it was to live here.


Ostia Antica 3
Fragments from the time of Augustus.


Ostia Antica 4
The half round theater.


Ostia Antica 9
Column at the market square “Tempio di Cerere”.


Ostia Antica 5
The impressive looking remains of the capitol


Ostia Antica 6
Fantastic looking mosaic at the Neptune bath.


Ostia Antica 7
There is so much to explore. Often you can climb steps and reach higher levels. From the top of some of the structures, you have an excellent view over the city.


Ostia Antica 8
It is pleasant and inspiring to walk though the buildings and get a feeling to how the ancient Roman culture lived and traded.


Ostia Antica 10
Ancient Roman road at the Ostia Antica similar to the road at the Via Appia Antica (Appian Way)






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