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This journey took us to beautiful areas along the Algarve coast. Each one was a new surprise with breathtaking coves, cliffs, and rock formations and secret passageways and tunnels from the beach to the water when it was ebb tide.



Below you will find information and images about several locations and beaches of Portugal extending from the cities of Albufeira to Lagos.


Ponta da Piedade
This area of the Algarve Coast is close to the city of Lagos. Once you find a free parking spot nearby, you continue along a wooden ramp that takes you along the top rim of this area which offers breathtaking views to hidden grottos and beaches below.

“Praia da Falesia” or Cliff Beach
This beach is a short drive from the city of Albufeira and is a lovely area to spend a relaxing day. If you have ever wanted to spend time at a beach that has a fantastic backdrop, this is the one for you.

Praia di Camilo
The Praia di Camilo is a small beach that is divided by a small tunnel. It is an attractive beach to spend the afternoon if you can find a space to sit.

Praia de Sao Rafael or Sao Rafael Beach
This beach area is very close to Albufeira and is a gorgeous area with breathtaking views over one main beach and several smaller beaches. The scenery above the beaches is really worth taking the time to walk around to see.

Praia dos Piratas
This location was not only a fantastic walk along cliff walls overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, but also revealed a couple of hidden coves and grottos.



Praia da Coelha or Rabbit Beach
This beach is surrounded by cliffs and rock formations and is a lovely way to spend an afternoon on the Algarve Coast. The beach is just a few minutes drive from Albufeira and the entire area has cliffs with pathways looking down over this beach and other beaches, as well.

Praia do Castelo or Castle Beach
This area consists of several beaches, coves and lots of cliffs to walk along above them all. The trail takes you through lovely landscapes with impressive views. It is a wonderful way to spend a day and is not too far from Albufeira.

The City of Albufeira, Portugal
Albufeira is located on the Algarve Coast of Portugal, about 45 kilometers northwest of Faro and is a very popular tourist destination, especially during summer.




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