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Autumn Pumpkins

The vibrant and warm colors of a pumpkin really fit to the seasonal color scheme of the changing trees in autumn. These come in so many shapes and sizes and one is never like the other and each is special in its own way. Even though they are edible, so many of them are still too pretty to eat. Whether you purchase pumpkins to use to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, to use as decorations or to carve your Halloween Jack o’Lanterns out of, you will surely find one that fits your taste.

Autumn Pumpkins 1

Autumn time is pumpkin time. It is hard to resist those orange beauties such as those in the image above.




Autumn Pumpkins 3
This was taken at a farm that has become an institution when it comes to its displays of gourds and pumpkins. The people travel from far to visit this location to see and purchase these colorful natural treasures. The hard part is choosing what to take and most likely you will not go home with just one.


Autumn Pumpkins 2
It is always fun going to the farmer’s markets during the fall season just to see the pumpkins and find just that perfect one... or more to take home and enjoy.


Autumn Pumpkins 4
At the farmer’s markets in the fall, you can purchase pumpkins and gourds in all colors and sizes. The small ones are just too pretty to eat and look great grouped together in a basket as a seasonal decoration.


Autumn Pumpkins 5
For some, carving pumpkins for autumn and Halloween is one of the most fun activities of the year. This pumpkin below was kept simple as it was our first attempt, but there are some amazing delicate designs available for those with lots of patience.


Autumn Pumpkins 6
Pumpkin markets are simply irresistible! Just look at those beauties. Here in Germany, Halloween does not get celebrated like it does in the United States. But in the past years, the Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins and using pumpkins as decorations has increased in popularity. This particular market is one of the few in this area of its kind and the farmers grow and sell thousands of pumpkins and gourds each year. People come from all over to purchase them. This image shows just a small selection of the pumpkins you can choose from.


Autumn Pumpkins 9
It is the time of the year when the farmers are selling their orange beauties and it is hard to choose which one is the special one to take home. They are gorgeous to use as decoration for the porch and yard and just seem to welcome the fall to the home.


Autumn Pumpkins 7
Pumpkins can be found in all different colors. The yellow ones stand out amongst the orange and green ones and have a warm seasonal look to them.


Autumn Pumpkins 8
While attending an autumn market near Traventhal, Germany the entrance of the location where the festival was being held had this wheelbarrow filled with these autumn gourds, pumpkins and chrysanthemums. A warming welcome!


Autumn Pumpkins 10
This pumpkin was so perfect and round and became a carved porch lantern that year which is a must for the dark and foggy fall evenings. Even though these For outdoors you can carve your own masterpiece, but for indoors it is best to settle for the ceramic ones that will not go foul or attract unwanted insects.






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