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Rome, Italy

Rome is probably one of the most fascinating cities of Europe that you can visit and in our opinion, the most beautiful. It is so rich in history and culture and its ancient structures are simply breathtaking. And as large as the city is, most of these attractions are withing walking distance of each other if you do mind the excercise. The advantage of walking is that you see a lot more interesting aspects of the city between the popular tourist attractions. Many of these are also historical and quite spectacular, themselves. Walking through the city takes you back in time and you get a better feeling for the relationship and location of the structures to each other.

If you are not interesting in walking the distances, especially during summer when the heat is exhausting, Rome has also an excellent underground train system. There are currently 2 underground lines which will take you close to most of the important attractions. A third line is under construction, at this point. As well as the underground trains, there is a good amount of busses and street cars that will also take you where the trains cannot reach. When you are at a metro station or at a ticket counter, you have the possibility of buying single ride tickets that are good for 100 minutes in one direction, and there are also 24, 48 and 72 hour tickets, as well that you can use unlimited within the time frame throughout the whole city. These are not only valid within the Rome city limits, but also you can use them to go to the Appian Way and to Ostia Antica.

No matter which hotel you choose to stay in Rome, you will have to pay a hotel tax. Depending on the amount of stars your hotel has, the cost will be different. As of the year 2016, the cost of a hotel per day and per person for a hotel up to 3 stars was 3 Euros. Hotels with 4 stars and above cost 6 Euros per person.

Rome 1

The Colosseum in the image above is probably the most recognized structure in Rome. It is so amazing to visit but be prepared for the lines if you want to purchase a ticket there. We visited it in February 2016 and even that month we waited 2 hours to purchase a ticket and then another line to enter the Colosseum. There is a possibility to buy a combination 2-day ticket for the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. If you purchase the ticket on location, you should know they will only accept a major credit card to pay for it. As of February 2016 it was that way. Once you have your combination ticket, the best option (if you have the time) is to use the ticket for the Colloseum for one day and then on the second day to visit the other two locations, which are located next to each other. Two days gives you more time to enjoy to each attraction without having to rush through.




Rome 5
This is a view at Palatine Hill. It is one of the seven hills of Rome and from it you also have great views of Circus Maximus, the city towards the direction of the Vatican and it also overlooks the Roman Forum on the other side. You can walk around this huge complex and see how the aristocratic residents once lived here. Gaius Octavius (Augustus) was also born here.


Rome 2
This is a view of the Roman Forum as seen from the Palatine Hill. There are steps leading you down to it from there. Once you are at the bottom, you can follow the trails leading you through all different sections of the Forum and read the information signs. Though many of the structures are in ruins, they still look so impressive just the same.


Rome 4
Trajans market is another historical and amazing sight not too far from the Roman Forum and Colosseum. When you purchase a ticket to see it, you have access to the indoor museum as well as the courtyard area you see in the image above. It is interesting to be able to walk into the former market stalls and imagine how it was once flourishing with trade. In the courtyard of the area there are still many former pieces of columns, mosaic floors and statues that were once found there. The cost as of February 2016 for a ticket which is both for the museum as well as the market, was 11.50 Euros. You could stay until 19:30 but are not allowed to enter anymore one hour before sunset.


Rome 3
The Caracalla baths are located within walking distance from the Circus Maximus. The entrance costed 6 Euros (February 2016) and you can see how the residents of the city, whether rich or poor got together and socialized and bathed. Though mostly in ruins, you can still appreciate the size of the place and when walking through, you can still see some of the beautiful mosaic on the floors.


Rome 6
The Pantheon is a truly awe-inspiring structure. From the outside, it actually looks so unsuspecting. But once inside, it is breathtaking church with a one of a kind dome. You do not have to pay any entrance fees to see it, either.


Rome 7
If you take the red metro underground line towards the direction of Anagnina and get off at Sub-Augusta, you can visit this historical treasure. When you come up from the metro, have to walk a bit up the road and you will come to a park area. Continue through the park and you will first see a small version of an aquaduct. You have to go up a few steps and then will see this fantastic remains of this aquaduct in the distance. You can walk towards it and on the other side of it there is a walking trail that you can follow. The trail lies between the aquaduct and a golf course. If you follow the trail leading left along the aquaduct, you can walk for a good while and get a feeling for the structure. If you walk towards the right, it will end soon but you will see more pieces of the aquaduct in the landscape that you can also walk to. While there, there were also herds of sheep grazing on the grass and the trip was idyllic as well as historical. To go back to the city you will get on the metro again in the direction of Battistini.


Rome 8
This is looking over the Tevere River to the Isola Tiberina. When walking from the city over to the Trastevere area, you can cross the river over the Ponte Palatino bridge to get this amazing view.


Rome 9
This is the Tempel of Hadrian and can be found at the Piazza di Pietra. It is close to the Pantheon so you can easily see both structures within a short walk of each other.


Rome 10
The “Fontana di Trevi” or Trevi Fountain is a popular and impressive looking attraction in the city. Even in the month of February, it was very crowded with tourists.






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