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The climate, the culture and history, the beautiful landscapes of this country and its islands make Spain an inviting location for travellers.



So far, these are highlights of visits to the island of Mallorca which is one of the Spanish Balaeric Islands on the Mediterranean Sea and to the gorgeous city of Barcelona.


Barcelona is so full of things to do and see and one trip is simply not enough to visit all of the treasures this location has to offer. For a summer vacation or holiday, Barcelona provides everything one could wish for. A location full of culture, history, fantastic architecture of several styles, fantastic museums, world famous structures from Gaudi, awe-inspiring churches and cathedrals, parks of all sorts, the breathtaking landscape of Catalonia which surrounds the city and a fabulous beach.

The island of Mallorca is covered with many natural hidden treasures. While many go there just for the beach life, others feel attracted to the island landscapes, such as the mountains, breathtaking cliffs over the Mediterrnean Sea or the hidden coves, the quaint villages and the Mediterrnean flair of the island.






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