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The State of Utah

Utah is a gorgeous state with so many possibilities to enjoy nature. Whether you like canyon landscapes or higher regions, here you will many opportunities to get out and explore.

Utah 1

If you choose to stay at St. George while in Utah, you can reach Snow Canyon within minutes and many attractions in Utah within a few hours from this point. And St. George itself has a remarkable landscape surrounding such as the one in the image above it so it is a good place to get a feeling for the beauty of the state.




Utah 5
The drive through Snow Canyon State Park takes you through remarkable landscapes. The area itself is not as large as some of the other Utah state parks, which is fine! It gives you actually more time to enjoy the attractions found here. It is easily possible to spend a whole day here if you are the type of person who likes to get out and hike.

In this park, you will not only find gorgeous redstone cliffs, but there are also volcanic cones, lava flows, sand dunes, a slot canyon, white sandstone mountains and layers over layers of twisted rocks. Hiking trails all over the park make it easy to enjoy seeing the countryside. Read more about Snow Canyon State Park


Utah 10
This particular slot canyon is known as Jenny’s Canyon and can be found within the park. There is a parking area near it and then you will have to walk a bit until you reach it. It is well hidden but signs lead the way to it. Once there, you can walk through the canyon and take your time to enjoy the structure and details of it. It is amazing in the summer when the temperatures outside are so hot. Within this canyon, it is cool and comfortable. Read more about Snow Canyon State Park


Utah 2
Hoodoos are the pinnacles that the park is well famous for. These are spread out all over the park and there are many vista points in which you can enjoy various shapes, sizes and formations of them. This particular location of the park is called Inspiration Point. Read more about Bryce Canyon


Utah 3
Bryce Canyon is full of incredible landscapes and these spires can be found in the Queen’s Garden vista point. Read more about Bryce Canyon


Utah 6
This was seen while driving back from Snow Canyon State Park towards St. George.


Utah 7
If you are in Utah and want to visit the Zion National Park, the Bryce Canyon National Park and the Snow Canyon State Park, a recommended place to stay is St. George. From there you can easily reach these destinations. Especially Snow Canyon which is just outside of St. George. You will need more time to reach the other parks but at the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful Utah landscape while on the journey.


Utah 9
This unique natural formation is called the Checkerboard Mesa, is located at Zion National Park sandstone hill and is one of the many highlights of the park. The checkerboard pattern found on this sandstone was formed through weather and erosion and shows the force of nature at its best. If you visit the park and arrive at the east entrance, this will be one of the first attractions you will see. Read more about Zion National Park


Utah 4
When treking through Snow Canyon State Park, you will be amazed at the many different types of formations to be found here. Read more about Snow Canyon State Park


Utah 8
This is a fantastic view of the famous mountain group called the Court of the Patriarchs in the Zion National Park. There is a trail leading you from the bus stop with the same name to a higher location to take unforgettable pictures of this park highlight. Read more about Zion National Park






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