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Venice, Italy

If Paris is the city of love, then Venice must be close behind in 2nd place. You cannot help but feel charmed when walking through it and crossing what seems like hundreds of quaint and sometimes historical bridges. So whether you like to walk or choose to take a boat ride or two, you will find a lot of visual treasures in every corner you turn here. Each  location offers a beautiful background for making pictures. What better way to share a few days with a loved one and strolling through history?

Venice Italy 2

The image above shows one of the many bridges over the canals of the city. The ornate bannister with the hanging flowers just add to the romantic look of this particular area.




Venice Italy 4
This lagoon city’s main source of transportation is boats and there are no cars beyond the train station. Everyone knows this is a fantastic way to enjoy Venice is by water. Though there are the famous gondolas offering romantic trips for 80 Euros through small and picturesque canals, these can be quite expensive if you would like to see more of the city.


Venice Italy 1
If you need or want to travel often by boat, then you can also choose to buy tickets for the ACTV water busses and see so much more of the city. You can really use the ticket to travel and see all corners of the city and get on and get off as you please. Most important is to scan the ticket every time you use it. The ticket is valid from the first scan until the time limit is used up. The water bus plans are easy to follow and each station has a large map and time schedules for the water busses that use it. To see most of the important Venice locations, the water bus number 1 is the best choice. Here you can find the information in English about the water busses and the cost of using their services: ACTV It is less expensive to purchase a time limited ticket, rather buying single tickets if you plan on making more trips. For example, the cost of a 48 hour ticket was 30 Euros as of February, 2017. A single ticket costed 7.50 Euros for 75 minutes. With 4 such trips, you already have invested the 30 Euros. With the unlimited time ticket, you can travel on all of the ACTV busses and ACTV water busses for the time indicated on your ticket (such as 48 hours or 72 hours). The connections take you through the whole city of Venice plus the neighboring islands such as Lido and Murano.


Venice Italy 10
St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) and Doge’s Palace are probably one of the most visited locations in the city.


Venice Italy 3
From the top of the tower at St. Mark’s square you can enjoy a remarkable 360° view of Venice. As of February 2017, the entrance fee costed 8 Euros per person. There is an elevator will bring you up to the top. Because it was February, there was no line on that particular Monday afternoon but the day before had a long queue waiting to go up.


Venice Italy 8
Look up at at St. Mark’s Basilica (Museum) to see the fine details of beautiful sculptures, reliefs, and mosaics of this beautiful piece of architecture.


Venice Carneval 12
Venice is already an attraction itself but when it is carneval time, it becomes even more worth to see. The best place to witness all of the beautiful people flaunting their fancy costumes and masks is also at St. Mark’s square. It was a wonderful feeling being there and the mood was cheerful and fun. This bella Donna was one of the many lovely people there on that particular day. More images of wonderfully costumed Venetians can be found here


Venice Italy 9
From St. Mark’s Place you can walk towards the water and can walk along a pedestrian zone with many shops and restaurants. Here you will cross a few more bridges, including this one with a view to a leaning tower. Pisa is not the only city with such structures.


Venice Italy 5
When walking through the city and its small streets, it is easy to lose your way. But you are never really lost. On many street corners you will find such yellow signs that will lead you in the main direction of larger well known locations. Here the sign at the San Antionio Bridge says “Per Rialto” which shows you the way to the Rialto Bridge.


Venice Italy 7
This is a view of a sunset at the Grand Canal.


Venice Italy 6
At night the city is just as romantic as during the day.






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